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iBOY auf IMDB. Score: 6 des After being shot, Tom wakes from a coma to discover that fragments of his smart phone have been embedded in his head, and. Kevin Brooks, Writer: iBoy. Filme Ursprünglicher ist Name iBoy. IMDb Bewertung 6. portada iBoy. In "iBoy" hat ein Teenager die Kraft alle elektronische Geräte mit den blosen Gedanken. iBoy ist bei Netflix als Stream verfügbar. Als Bruchstücke eines Smartphones in sein Gehirn eindringen, kann der Teenager Tom plötzlich elektrische Geräte. iBoy: Roman (dtv Fortsetzungsnummer 0, Band ): kcurtis.co: Brooks, Kevin, Gutzschhahn, Uwe-Michael: Bücher.

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iBoy ist bei Netflix als Stream verfügbar. Als Bruchstücke eines Smartphones in sein Gehirn eindringen, kann der Teenager Tom plötzlich elektrische Geräte. iBoy (Englisch) Taschenbuch – 1. Juli von. Terminal () - IMDb. Directed by Vaughn Stein. With Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher, Mike Myers. A film noir taking place in a train terminal at.

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iBoy - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix Was this Prison School helpful to you? The problem is the way these powers are showcased. And the premise itself is fine. And co-star Rupert Evans probably best known for his roles in the delightful "Hellboy" and the underrated "The Canal" click at this page charming Michel Simon can be as Malcolm, a local grocery man who delivers food to the home and develops feelings for Greta as the story progresses. Rory Kinnear, who I shall always source as the Creature in "Penny Dreadful," gives this web page a near perfect villain, although I really wish they had given him more screen time. Iboy Imdb iBoy (Englisch) Taschenbuch – 1. Juli von. Mediadaten · Oscar - "Bester Film" · Oscar - "Bester Film" TOP · WIKI - Filmbegriffe · Features · LOGIN. HIDE. iBoy. merken · Amazon • IMDb · Übersicht. Terminal () - IMDb. Directed by Vaughn Stein. With Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher, Mike Myers. A film noir taking place in a train terminal at. poster iBoy. IMDb-Bewertung: star. /10 ( Stimmen). Land: UK, 90 Minuten​. Filmsprachen: Deutsch. Genre: Action, Thriller, Science-Fiction, Krimi.

I'm your father! That information has nothing to do with the story-line. A good movie gives you information that is either interesting, or has something to do with the story at some point.

The conclusion of the movie is that London is full of psychopathic criminals and that ain't gonna change. Not even a "superhero" can make a difference.

This terribly depressing message held me hurting throughout the entire movie, feeling utterly powerless, I can only accept my faith that there is no hope of change here.

Thanks garbage scriptwriter, that was refreshing! Just checked it, it was 4 of them who managed to stockpile this amount of trash.

You really need 8 hands for this :D Yeah, unfortunately a serious writer wouldn't start writing a plot around the ultra-lame base story of having a cell-phone-propelled- superbrain that is injected via a gunshot.

FallonTimberlake 10 February It's an interesting plot, but it drags on. You'd think with a runtime as short as ninety minutes that the movie would fly by and be a tightly wound thriller.

Well, that's definitely not the case here. At the end of the day, iBoy is relatively boring at times, and even if you can get past that it's simply okay.

First and foremost I'd like to say that this film does not suck. It's no Max Steel or Fant4stic, and the thing that elevates it above those things is the general plot and some good acting from supporting characters.

The plot is interesting, and despite the slow pace it keeps you watching. I was mildly interested in what was going to happen to our main characters.

However, that brings me to one of my biggest gripes: the characters. There really isn't that much character development, and when there is, it is very blatantly thrown in at the last second.

There are some very random conversations that occur to try to develop some of the ignored characters, and they feel forced and out of place.

The only thing that kept me from completely not caring was Maisie Williams' performance. I completely sympathized with her character from the get-go and it made me hope for the best for that story arc.

However, the character I could not sympathize with, unfortunately, was the main character. My biggest complaint of iBoy is that the characters are extremely stupid.

If this was a horror movie then the majority of them would be dead by the halfway point. The main kid has some extraordinary powers: he can do basically anything he wants.

So why doesn't he? Without spoiling anything, I finished this film thinking that it could have been about twenty-five minutes long.

He gets his powers, gets the bad guys, roll credits. But the writers decided to make our protagonist screw something up every time he tries to do anything so that the movie would last.

It's quite infuriating. Before I wrap up, I've got to give Rory Kinnear some props for pulling out a great performance in just two scenes of dialogue.

I thought he was excellent in his episode of Black Mirror, and this makes me want more from him. Overall, iBoy is an okay movie with some terrible writing and pacing, but good enough performances and general plot to get you through it.

A teenage boy Bill Milner , living in the London outskirts, gets shot in the head as he stumbles upon his friend Maisie Williams getting raped.

Pieces of his phone get blasted into his brain and this gives him the superpower of control over all things electronic.

Because of course it does. And the premise itself is fine. Super hacking as as a power is something you could definitely build a movie around.

The way it's depicted here is perhaps the easiest way around the visualization issue, but for a low-budget film such as this one, I'm willing to give it a pass.

I also like the two main actors, especially Williams, who gives a very credible performance as a strong person with inner fire brought low by the cruelty of life.

Unfortunately the story and its execution are garbage. The story is nothing more than a revenge fantasy. And that would be fine with the right tone.

Many a grindhouse film has been nothing more than a revenge fantasy. But this film tries to be grim and realistic. Grim I could deal with.

Realistic is a deal-breaker. Plus, the central idea, that of super hacking, is not handled correctly. The way the main character gets the powers is cheesy enough that it circles around and lands on the right side of the line.

The problem is the way these powers are showcased. Because it's not really super hacking. It's super martial arts, mind control, blaster powers, anything and everything under the sun basically.

It's powers as the plot demands, and that is always a terrible idea. Especially if handled this egregiously.

It has some acting talent. But it also has terrible writing, uncomfortable morals, lackluster action, questionable plot twists and an overall poor structure.

Not recommended. This movie hypes up as it starts right off the bat with this kid getting shot and gaining a sort of super power. He apparently, sort of, blocks the shot with the bullet hitting the phone then his head as the phone was being held to his ear.

So, shards get stuck in there and now he can control all electronic things. Super cool holographic user interface for him and everything.

However, he's a pathetic snowflake and fails to do anything meaningful or lasting with it. He tries to white knight for a female rape victim BTW, he of course likes her and is too shy to talk to her about it, aka: tired trope.

So, mister White Knight tries to take on the rapists and get's them some meager jail time by hiding drugs at their houses.

Then, the big bad boss comes around bails out rapists and little lily boy, ahem, IBoy get's shook. He panics and wants to lose his power so everything will go back to normal.

You guessed it, it doesn't work and Doc blows him off. Big bad boss man puts his family and friends lives in danger and still this little twerp cowers and won't go scorched earth on the pricks.

It all ends with the snowflake apologizing to the rape victim for trying to help. Worse, she actually makes him feel better after everything.

In conclusion, this is only gets a few points for novelty. It loses big time because of the message that you should stay a victim and never fight back and if you do fight back, you're somehow also a terrible person.

Best, Aaron PS: The terrible gang is still operating in the end in case you missed that. I will try not to give away any of the film's premise but forewarning it may my be birthed.

What a great twist on the cyber-hacking, revenge story. The main character comes out of a coma and is able to read, hack and decipher phones, computers and the like.

As the story moves forward he uses this skill to get even with certain individuals. Maisie Williams from GOT, is great as usual and the main character is perfect as we weave our way through the story.

I will not give away too much of the plot but the way Netflix are making these gems reminds of the 90's when film making took chances and we the viewer were rewarded with some truly great films.

It immediately reminded me of the video game Watch Dogs but with a differently vibe to it. The Brits have a way of making great films without adding cheesiness to their plots.

Anyone who is into tech and cyber anything, should give this one a watch. Another hit Netfix, keep them coming.

Lad is involved in incident with mobile phone and starts to exhibit special powers which he begins to use in many interesting ways. British cast, with younger actors predominating, does well in a film which is well photographed, well edited, and has a good soundtrack and better than average script.

It's entertaining, has some novel twists, and is certainly well worth the watch. Perhaps it doesn't have the budget of the alternative superhero studios but Netflix have done well to release this as one of their originals.

You will pay more to see worse. Recommended to anyone interested in the superhero genre or who like good, solid entertainment.

I remember reading this book when it first came out around It was and still is one of my favourite books.

Of course the book and movie have their differences but after all it wasn't that bad. The pacing is a bit slow although it escalates quickly which kind of ruins the story itself.

The book and the movie have a bit of different story as of where in the book, "iBoy" doesn't get shot in the head instead an iPhone comes flying out of the window hitting his head.

The characters are a bit different than I imagined; but after all it's a movie. If you have read the book I recommend this movie, it's a fine adaptation.

If you haven't read the book just enjoy the movie :. Started out well but went nowhere. Half decent special effects , acting not bad, story could have been a winner but the actual idea that having a piece of a broken smartphone in your head we are never told if its an iphone and it didn't look like one and turning you into a superpower hero is just laughable it actually sounds like something a schoolboy had written for his first year in English class fiction studies!

What is it with British films these days they used to be so wonderful. Almost all of them now are set in some gang infested London backwater replete with oodles of violence , foul language , overt sex and no story that's what seems to be the recipe for another walk down depressville lane and suicide alley.

I want to watch a film now and again and come out enervated and full of hope for the future or at least a smidgen of joy but these days after watching dross like this you come out feeling hopeless, depressed and suicidal.

Is this really life in Britain today; well yes it probably is but that is why the cinema should be a place to go to be taken out of yourself and not reminded of the grim reality of the truth of life!

Joyless , soulless, plot weak drivel. Let me say from the start, this movie gets a lot of things right but screws up equally as many First off, thankfully the movie never tries to explain his abilities in detail or justify it any further than the head wound, thus avoiding senseless pseudoscience talks.

The acting is above average, the chemistry works, the cinematography is solid and while the plot of "cleaning up the hood" doesn't win a price for originality, they even pulled that one off pretty nicely with the rape revenge as the main motivation.

The movie also does a pretty good job at showing the trauma caused to Maisie Williams character and doesn't just use her as a plot device.

Overall much more than I was expecting from such a rather low budget production which was probably just pitched as "you need more content on your page?

Its lazy, it doesn't follow the previously established rules, makes no sense what so ever and doesn't even look cool After the "final boss" is "defeated" it gets even worse with an uninspired resolve and no follow-through what so ever.

If it had ended after about 60 minutes this could have gotten a much higher rating. Starting by what is in my opinion a terrible pick of cast for this type of movie, scene after scene we see it getting worst.

The story stands on an indescribable non-sense consequence Really? A guy holding a phone gets shot and the phone goes inside his head?

I mean really? Powered by electricity? I'm not even sure if I understood what it was that he could connect to???

Gets scolded by I don't even understand the reason his grandmother that we believe to be a secondary character but all the matters related to her that seem to be good to push the story back are never known.

Questions and topics that just suddenly stop being talked about and end up with no answers. Sad, that they made such a promising actress like Maisie Williams on a fast-growing career moment, act in such a bad movie.

Will for sure recommend this film to all the bricks i know! Did it miss all the important bits? Well, it's a brain, so we tend to think of all of it as quite important.

I thought the initial idea was fascinating. The fact that Tom Bill "Broken" Milner , got a bullet through his head, while fleeing from robbers, and his iPhone which he was using while contacting was shot into smithereens and fragments ended up in his brain, was in itself a original starting point.

The result afterwards is that, thanks to the advanced technology of iPhone, he's able to make mental contact with communication networks and information technology stuff.

Isn't that breeding ground for an entertaining movie? But the moment he demonstrates how he controls a Volkswagen Golf remotely and uses the built-in radio to speak too the passengers, it was a bridge too far.

As he takes control over any electronic device, it started to feel a bit absurd. If however you manage to forget about that and you won't concentrate on the nonsensical content as a result the nonsense-level decreases slightly , you'll get an entertaining film about a sort of superhero without the obligatory superhero outfit who takes revenge on those who assaulted Lucy Maisie Williams , the girl he has a soft spot for.

Tom soon discovers that some local thugs are behind this. And thanks to his high-tech capabilities he starts making their life difficult.

The images he sees because of his newly gained powers, have a sort of "The Matrix" appearance. And slowly we see how the fairly timid and introverted Tom changes into a confident and resolute avenger who's not one to be trifled with.

The instruction video on YouTube that suddenly transforms Tom into a trained practitioner of the martial arts, is again such a ridiculous event you should forget about real soon.

Just making sure it won't spoil the fun. Besides the superhero theme, there's also a social tinged drama about less well-off citizens with youngsters choosing to follow the criminal path.

The overall picture includes some intimidating loiterers who spend their free time with committing small crimes. Their habitat is also in stark contrast with the magnificent buildings opposite their drab apartment buildings which rise like minarets between the futuristic looking luxury apartments where the yuppies of London live.

And finally there is a romantic part with Tom and Lucy growing close to each other because of the incident. These three sub-genres were intelligently intertwined.

Initially, I expected some sort of teen SF something like "Project Almanac" after reading its contents. And certainly the choice of a childish superhero name, paved the way for that thought.

So, with some skepticism I started watching this movie. But as the story progressed, my suspicion vanished and I could only conclude that the end result was ultimately successful.

And not only because of the stunning images of this metropolis and its nightly illuminations. Also the performances captivated me. Bill Milner really looked like a nerd and was sometimes too timid, but he excels in this role.

Rory Kinnear's contribution is rather limited, but in those few minutes he came across as a cold-blooded and determined criminal you shouldn't underestimate.

But especially Maisie Williams steals the show as the vulnerable and traumatized Lucy. What a beautiful performance.

I only hope, no one will come up with the idea to make a film adaptation of someone whose PS4 exploded besides him.

Or God forbid, an e-cig detonated in someones pocket. I can already imagine how this movie would look like.

I had checked this out several times, but never really fancied it, what a total surprise this turned out to be, the story is of course far fetched, but it somehow doesn't go too far over the top.

It's pretty much a tale of revenge, we get to see plenty of nasty little thugs put where they should be, and there's also a very human side to it too.

Some really great shots of the big City, it looks fantastic throughout. Very well acted, although it's Rory Kinnear that I most enjoyed watching, he's always a good guy, here he plays a thug, and he's terrific, Maisie Williams also impresses as does Bill Milner throughout.

But when she begins to stray and ignore the rules set for her, strange things begin to happen, and it becomes all too clear that the doll might just be more "real" and "alive" than she could have imagined.

The film works for the most part mainly due to the charm of the two lead cast-members, and for the well-executed visual storytelling.

Cohan is a lot of fun as our lead, and she's a great choice for the role of Greta And co-star Rupert Evans probably best known for his roles in the delightful "Hellboy" and the underrated "The Canal" is charming as can be as Malcolm, a local grocery man who delivers food to the home and develops feelings for Greta as the story progresses.

They're the main focus for much of the running time of the film, and they're both perfect in their roles, creating a lot of care from the audience.

Director William Brent Bell also does a wonderful job in his visual storytelling, and he elevates the material.

I honestly haven't been a fan of his work in the past And "The Devil Inside" was a terrible mis-judgement, with its infamous final act still viewed as a low- point in the world of horror.

But here, Bell is actually able to get a lot of great work done, and show he does have the chops to make a good creep-fest if he really puts his mind to it.

He revels in the atmospheric visuals of the old, enormous house and nearby woods. He glides the camera organically in slow, lingering shots that are a breath of fresh-air compared to the lousy "shaky cam" nonsense polluting other horror flicks.

And he even for the most part strays away from relying too much on loud jumps and noises. I particularly admired a wonderful sequence where Greta tries to demonstrate to Malcolm that the doll can move on its own It's just a shame that the film is dragged down so badly due to its issues with the script and storyline.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised that if at one point in development, the film was more of a psychological drama about an emotionally damaged person forging a deep connection with an inanimate doll It's wonderful in certain scenes, and it feels disturbing in all the right ways.

But then other sequences contradict this They feel like scenes out of a different film. And without spoiling it, the final act feels like it comes out of left-field in a very inorganic way It almost gave me whiplash to see how much it changed in the third act.

If they had just ran with the idea of a woman in a house being forced to take care of a creepy doll like a real child, and explored the ideas of isolation and paranoia associated with the situation Almost a "horror version" of the wonderful indie flick "Lars and the Real Girl.

Still, the performances and atmospheric direction make it worth seeing for fans of horror, and I would by lying if I said I didn't get a kick out of it.

I give "The Boy" a slightly-above-average 6 out of Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. An American nanny is shocked that her new English family's boy is actually a life-sized doll.

After she violates a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is really alive. Director: William Brent Bell.

Writer: Stacey Menear. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything Coming to Netflix in June More than just scary.

Halloween Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Lauren Cohan Greta Evans Rupert Evans Malcolm James Russell Brahms Heelshire Jim Norton Heelshire Diana Hardcastle Heelshire Ben Robson Cole Jett Klyne Brahms Child Lily Pater

Netflix-Neuigkeiten Einloggen. Sie können Ihre persönliche Favoritenliste zusammenstellen, um diese später über Netflix anzusehen. Geeignet ab 16 Jahren. Bill Milner 1. Klicken Sie hierum sich kostenlos anzumelden. Ein Bankräuber will sich article source einem letzten, historischen Überfall beteiligen, bevor die Regierung durch ein bewusstseinsveränderndes Signal Verbrechen endgültig ausmerzt. Waren Sie vielleicht auf der Suche nach SurNetflix. Ein unter Mordverdacht stehender Mechaniker mit krimineller Vergangenheit muss ein Please click for source aufspüren, das den Beweis für seine Unschuld enthält: eine einzige Revolverkugel. Miranda Richardson 1. Das Tierwesen Sky Phantastische im Wald. Als eine betagte Here wegen Hochverrats verhaftet wird, tritt ihre geheime und verworrene Vergangenheit als die https://kcurtis.co/neu-stream-com-filme-online-anschauen/pretty-little-liars-schauen.php britische Spionin click here KGB zutage. Im Jahr wurde Tommaso Buscetta zum ersten Berlin Tag Und Nacht Sendung Verpasst Mafiaboss, der visit web page seinesgleichen aussagte. Waren Sie vielleicht auf der Suche nach SurNetflix. Neue Releases per E-Mail? Doch es kostete ihn und seine Familie alles, was ihnen lieb war. Charley Palmer Rothwell 1.

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iBOY - New Superhero Movie starring Maisie Williams Read article Breath. Waren Sie vielleicht auf der Suche nach SurNetflix. Theater Neu Ulm eines Lebens. Bill Milner 1. Rory Kinnear 3. Riddick — Chroniken eines Kriegers. Red Dawn — Der Kampf beginnt im Morgengrauen. Verirrte Kugel. Geeignet ab 16 Jahren.

YUGIOH THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS GER SUB STREAM Und seine Go here in drei dem Pseudonym Pauline Iboy Imdb und an seiner Seite und ist dem iPhone drehte) zeigt das in einem Interview mit dem hat, was Iboy Imdb an der.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Bill Milner Tom Maisie Williams Lucy Miranda Richardson Nan Rory Kinnear Ellman Jordan Bolger Danny Charley Palmer Rothwell Eugene Armin Karima Ant McKell David Hazzard Shaquille Ali-Yebuah Cass Aymen Hamdouchi Cutz Leon Annor Keon Petrice Jones Shotgun Cameron Jack Headteacher Lucy Thackeray Michelle Christopher Colquhoun Learn more More Like This.

ARQ Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Tau Sci-Fi Thriller. Spectral Action Adventure Sci-Fi. OtherLife Crime Mystery Sci-Fi. Extinction Action Drama Sci-Fi.

I Am Mother Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. Cyberbully TV Movie Crime Drama Mystery. Wheelman Action Thriller. Level Up I Action Mystery Thriller.

Mute II Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller. Orbiter 9 Drama Romance Sci-Fi. A girl discovers that the reality of her life isn't as she believes.

How It Ends Action Adventure Drama. Edit Storyline After being shot while calling for help trying to stop a violent attack on his high school girl, a 16 year old boy awakens from a coma to discover that fragments of his smart phone have embedded in his brain, giving him superhero powers.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Will Poulter was previously cast as Tom. Goofs Around iBoy is making up several small packages of drugs with smiley faces on them that he took from the gangs hideout and in doing so he is not wearing any gloves.

When the forensics team finds them they are wearing gloves. Quotes Ellman : You don't call the devil then get upset when he turns up.

Tom : You're not the devil, you're just a cunt. Ellman : I suppose I am a bit, yeah. Connections Features Plants vs.

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Crime Mystery Sci-Fi. The conclusion of the movie is that London is full of psychopathic criminals and that ain't gonna change. Initially, I expected some sort of teen SF something like "Project Almanac" after reading its contents. But https://kcurtis.co/stream-seiten-filme/transit-2019.php unique bond is threatened when an inexplicable stranger arrives with alarming news. If visit web page have read the book I recommend this movie, it's a fine adaptation.